RAK7204 BME error

RAK was not showing GAS sensor…i upgraded it to Firmware and now i have error.

Is the Node broken?

Hello @bioshock2k

Was the node working normally (without the Gas sensor) before the upgrade?

Yes it was.
I only messed with it because the payload was shorter (no gas flag and value) in it.
But odd behaviour really…

Just tested it, after doing the upgrade to, I also got the same error. So, I just configured work mode, join mode, class and connected it to TTN. And now it is sending all the data. Can you try that and tell me if it’s working?

Uff… at least im not alone.
What is work mode?
I´m glad to test it out…tomorrow dough.
But i wont be sending information to TTN…but if downgrading solves it im also good with it.

This at command is used to set the working mode of the node: at+set_config=lora:work_mode:
where can be 0: LoRaWAN, 1: LoRaP2P and 2: Test mode.
You can find more at commands for RAK7204 here: https://docs.rakwireless.com/Product-Categories/WisNode/RAK7204/AT-Command-Manual/
By default the work mode should be 0, but it won’t hurt to just send the command just in case. Same goes for the join_mode and class.
So, when you are able, try to set the right work/join mode, class and also the region and you can always contact me, if there are any problems. :slight_smile:

Ohhh that, yes i am aware of those configurations…and i think i did all the “normal” setup before trying.
But i will redo it and report back when i can! Thanks

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