Rak7204 Payload Decoder for dummies ;-)

I am a newbye user, I have little experience and it is difficult for me to program the code.
I have a rak7204 that I have connected to TTN and everything is OK.
I have an account on SIGNOMIX and I would like to set up a dedicated application for my RAK.
Please help me with the payload decoder for TTN, I just can’t do it !!!

Hi @giobert,

RAK7204 sends the packet in LPP format now, and you can have a look at its decoder document here:

Hi, I set TTN as you see below but I don’t see any changes on mydevices … where am I doing wrong?

Can you show a packet in TTN from RAK7204?

Sure, here it is!




“analog_in_4”: 32.22,
“analog_in_8”: 3.64,
“barometric_pressure_6”: 966.9,
“relative_humidity_7”: 64,
“temperature_2”: 18

Hi. You have chosen wrong network in Cayenne. You have to choose TTN not Actility!

Hi, thanks for this support!
Now Work!!

I had to choose new LoRa, TTN, Cayenne LPP device. There is no specific application for this device.

RAK7204 Is not part of the registered Cayenne devices yet. But you can view all data in Cayenne. In Cayenne - Add New Device/Widget - choose TTN - Then Cayenne and register your RAK7204 by EUI.
TTN and Actility are networks from where your data will come to Cayenne.

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Thanks!!! Finally I see my device now !!

Glad that we made it :slight_smile: If you have any more questions- feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

It would be very interesting to know how to interpret the data: gas resistance. Is there an explanation, but beginners like me? :wink:

You can read this topic RAK 7204 LPP Payload - Indoor Air Quality


Although resurrecting an old post, I seem to have the same problem i.e. RAK7204 which is fine in sending packets through to TTN, but nothing on mydevices.com/Cayenne.
To see the payload in human readable format on TTN, I have added the custom formatter from Github, but that is only affecting the decoding on the TTN website (I presume?).
On Cayenne, I have added it as LoRa/TTN and Cayenne LLP device just using the DeviceEUI. Any ideas, on what else can go wrong, as that seemed all very straightforward (and that from a noob on IoT)

Please leave your email and I will send you a document about TTN connection Cayenne!

@Nicholas Thanks for that!