RAK7205 antenna labels correct?

I bought a couple of these tracker kits:

I followed the steps at Installation Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center to build the kit. Walking around the block with them I’m not getting the range I’m expecting.

These are the antennas included in the kit:

I hooked the one marked LoRa onto my antenna analyzer and see that it resonates at 2300MHz and not at 868MHz:

The BLE antenna also does not resonate on 868MHz.

Is the LoRa antenna maybe mislabelled?

Hi @jpmeijers ,

The antenna labels are correct. Those antenna are unbalance and greatly affected by the surrounding materials. The resonant frequency can change just by touching it.

Can you test again the resonant frequency while the antenna is attached on the enclosure?

Battery and solar connected, and enclosure closed as far as possible. Antenna is stuck internally to the side of the enclosure like recommended in the assembly guide.