Rak7205 GPS problem

I recently bought a RAK7205 and I have it integrated into TTN without problems. I am doing integration tests with FiWare, but I detect a problem with GPS.

Fully stopped, it offers me different altitude values at each reading, sometimes even significant deviations in latitude or longitude.

Therefore, at the same point and totally stopped, it offers me different readings and when representing them on a map it is a total disorder.

Is there a solution or configuration to solve this problem? and on the other hand, could the altitude reading to the GPS be disabled?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @jcheca
There is a bug in firmware. Our team is working to fix. Please stay tuned for new firmware to be released. It will be soon.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Todor Velev

It would be very interesting to have a parameter that determines if the GPS signal has been obtained or if you had an error because you cannot contact.

On the other hand, currently, if you don’t get the GPS signal, it offers wrong values ​​when you should offer zero values.

Thanks in advance, I’ll be waiting for the new firmware.