RAK7205 LoRa Tracker Node programmability

Hi there

I’m interested in the “ RAK7205 LoRa Tracker Node - AS923 - With Solar Panel”, but would like to understand how programmable it is. I’d like to emit customised LoRaWAN payloads triggered by accelerometer conditions.

Is this possible?


Hi @huntc,

Yes, it is possible.
Actually, we’ve supply a new framwork for RAK LoRa Node including RAK7205 surely, and you can program its usage according to your mind. You just need to customize an Application by calling our SDK’s APIs:

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Thanks so much for getting back to me. Can you please provide some urls where I can obtain the documentation in relation to the new RAK LoRa Node framework? Thanks.

Hi @huntc,

Please wait several days. We’re preparing for it.
Once it is done, i’ll tell you in this topic.

Hi there

The tracking device has arrived. Do you have the framework available yet? Thanks!


Hi @huntc,

You can download RAK7205’s firmware from here:
and use it according to this document:

I’m sure it can work well, and you can configure it by AT commands.

BTW, about the customization through API, we’re working hard on it, and will supply this ability later.
Firstly, we’ll supply this ability for RAK811 which is the core module of RAK7205 recently. Maybe you can have a look at it.

Thanks for the info.

It seems that the device will send out gps and accelerometer info automatically, but the docs don’t elaborate. I’m suspecting that it will just send out this data on a time interval?

What I really want is to send out GPS only when the accelerometer exceeds certain thresholds. Can this be achieved?

Also, there’s nothing in the doc that states how the device is switched on! Any advice there?


Hi Fomi et al,

I purchased this device on the advice from you that it was programmable. My customer is rightly now asking why I’ve not yet managed to deliver the solution where I transmit a packet based on accelerometer readings.

Do you have a firm date on the sdk, or shall I look at returning the device?


Hi @huntc,

Sorry for late reply.
Maybe you can have a look at this topic:

Hope it is helpful.

Sorry, it isn’t that helpful. The example there provides no information on how to upload custom software, nor does it explain how to use the SDK to read the accelerometer. Are you able to assist further?

Do you have any further information on the SDK availability?

Yes, we’re working on RAK7204 and RAK7205 based on this SDK, if we complete them, we’ll open the source code of them (except SDK’s source code) as products practice samples for users. But it may take some days.