RAK7205 Not Responsing

Issue:The node is not responding to Serial Port Tool or the Bootloader



Details:The node was working normally, after I have configured it with TTN, it sent few messages to the TTN. After that it stopped working. I tried to read it is data through serial port tool, no response at all you can see the snaphshots. Then I tried the procedure to reload firmware using the STM32CubeProgrammer after connecting the boot jumper and the situation is the same. I am attaching both tools response. Athough the PC see it as a Port and it can connect to it but no further response.

Here is the other snapshot

HI. Can you make a picture of the board?

Hi Velev
This is for the board with boot jumper on.

Is your laptop connected to the other end of the USB?This could be caused by a lack of electricity.You try to replace a cable or PC, and press the button to restart and reload the BootLoader!

Yes, the problem is that I have two boards, one of them is booting and working normally using same USB cable, the other is not. Should I connect or disconnect the battery while Reseting or Loading the bootloader?

BTW the device was working normally, I have reset it, loading the bootloader, connect it to the gateway, and configure/connect it to TTN. After connecting it to TTN by 1 hour, it stopped responding to any command.

** it stopped responding to any command.**
Is this the result after you loading the bootlader and firmware?
And tell me the version of the BootLoader and firmware?

I mean it stopped responding to commands after joining the TTN. The bootloading was done few months ago, but after it stopped responding I tried to reload firmware. Version 3.0.0 H

Can you send me the sent log in the serial port of the node?

How can I get the log if the serial tool does not make a successful connection with the node?

Dear Zaid,

What is the result of reloading the program?

Even the loader doesn’t detect the hardware

Dear Zaid,
Did you do any jumper work? Please send me the connection diagram and the failed process!

Thanks Nicholas
Yes sure if you scroll up in the thread you could see the board jumpers config and the error messages that I got during boot loading and serial communication.

Dear Zaid,
Have you ever installed a driver?

Yes sure, the device was configured and connected to TTN. But after a week when I tried to change the application Application ID, I could not reach the device using any of rak serial tool or bootloader.

Dear Zaid,

I think it is the firmware problem. Do you have Jlink to burn?

No I don’t know what is the j link

Dear Zaid,

I am very sorry! Failed to solve your problem.

If convenient remote I can see the phenomenon.

Best regards!