RAK7205 Not Responsing

Issue:The node is not responding to Serial Port Tool or the Bootloader



Details:The node was working normally, after I have configured it with TTN, it sent few messages to the TTN. After that it stopped working. I tried to read it is data through serial port tool, no response at all you can see the snaphshots. Then I tried the procedure to reload firmware using the STM32CubeProgrammer after connecting the boot jumper and the situation is the same. I am attaching both tools response. Athough the PC see it as a Port and it can connect to it but no further response.

Here is the other snapshot

HI. Can you make a picture of the board?

Hi Velev
This is for the board with boot jumper on.

Is your laptop connected to the other end of the USB?This could be caused by a lack of electricity.You try to replace a cable or PC, and press the button to restart and reload the BootLoader!

Yes, the problem is that I have two boards, one of them is booting and working normally using same USB cable, the other is not. Should I connect or disconnect the battery while Reseting or Loading the bootloader?

BTW the device was working normally, I have reset it, loading the bootloader, connect it to the gateway, and configure/connect it to TTN. After connecting it to TTN by 1 hour, it stopped responding to any command.

** it stopped responding to any command.**
Is this the result after you loading the bootlader and firmware?
And tell me the version of the BootLoader and firmware?

I mean it stopped responding to commands after joining the TTN. The bootloading was done few months ago, but after it stopped responding I tried to reload firmware. Version 3.0.0 H

Can you send me the sent log in the serial port of the node?