RAK7205 temperature issue

Hi, I have an updated RAK7205.
BOOT: RUI_RAK5205_BOOT_Version3_0_2
FIRMWARE: RUI_RAK5205_V3.0.0.12.H.T1(EU868-US915-AU915-KR920-IN865)

I purchased this tracker last year, and already with the 2.0.x firmware I noticed a problem with temperature readings, they are highter than 4°C.

No software / hardware changes, I use TTN and I read the data on Cayenne, I followed the documentation step by step.
I have read some other similar problems with the BME680, regarding the heating of the gas resistance.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Thanks.

Is it possible to have some indications from the staff to perform troubleshooting? Thanks.

Hi @donetdisturb Really sorry for the late reply. In what condition you use the Node? Charging or battery powered (or both) you see this difference.

I have the same problem. However BME680 works with RUI_RAK5205_V3.0.0.12.L.T1(EU433-CN470) firmware.
@velev I’m using USB power. My node doesn’t have a battery. Is that the issue with EU868?

Hello @velev, both.
Battery mode: +3 or +4 C°
In-charge mode: +6 or +7 C° (-14% humidity)

I also noticed that 7205 reports a +2 or +3 temperature than the air temperature. I think it is because of the plastic enclosure - it is airtight/waterproof. So it will probably report the temperature of the inside air.

Not probably, but definitely!

The device will keep the internal temperature warm - there is the possibility that it could keep the internal temperature +20 degrees or more. I’ve had devices with -50℃ external temperature reporting +10℃ in the box.

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