RAK7240 does not send packets using Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder towards chirpstack v4.0

I’m trying to connect my RAK7240 to the chirpstack using UDP packet forwader mode, but the gateways is not sending information to my LNS.
The server is working well. I have another gateway here using a RAK5146 concentrator and a Raspberry Pi 4.

The image below shows the comunication between the RAK5146 and the server working fine, also shows the comunication between RAK7142 and the server where the server is sending data to the gateway, but the gateway is not sending to the server.

End Node - RAK3172
Gateway - RAK7240 >> IP
Second Gateway - RAK5146 - Raspberry Pi 4 >> IP192.168.1.3
Server - Raspberry Pi 4 >> IP

LoRa® Server:
Chirpstack v4