RAK7240 vs RAK7249

Issue: what difference between 7240 and 7249?
is it only formfactor?
I have many 7249 working. they are nice equipment. I need to buy more.
so, it’s rak 7240 the same software/hardware? can i buy 7240 with the new 8dbi Antenna?

i can only see:
RX Sensitivity : -142dBm (Min)
TX Power : 27dBm (Max)
a litle better on 7249

Hei @Daey ,

Speaking from RF standpoint the differences are negligible. You can expect the same performance as far as LoRaWAN itself is concerned.
what is different is as you said the form factor and the IP rating
RAK7249 is IP67 rated where RAK7240 is IP65 rated.
Additionally RAK7249 has the option to be purchased with an internal battery and charging and power management board in order to be used as a backup power supply. Thus is not possible with RAK7240. RAK7249 also has the option for a dedicated solar power station with a big battery, a panel and a mounting stand, where RAK7240 does not. In a way you have a bit more additional options with RAK7249.
RAK7240 is very close in general performance and it has the advantage of being more costs efficient provided you are getting more units (it has a MOQ of 10 units), plus it comes with the service of a custom logo on the casing to the client’s specifications.
Lastly there is the mounting bracket it is a bit more flexible on the RAK7249 and can also accommodate the GPS antenna.