RAK7243 Crashing when Rebooting

Cannot establish RAK7242 as WiFi Client because gateway crashed upon rebooting

Setup: RAK7243 LoRa gateway

LoRa® Server: N/A

I just got a new RAK 7243 gateway and I am having some trouble setting it up. I am able to connect my computer to the SSID RAK_XXXX from the gateway. I am also able to launch my SSH client to configure the gateway (I am using puTTY). However, after I switch it to client mode, input my wifi details and go to reboot the gateway, like the documentation suggests, using the “sudo gateway reboot” command, I am greeted with a long pause and then the error: “Network error: Software caused connection abort.”

I have tried a variety of SSH client softwates, and I do not believe that my wifi is the issue, as I tried rebooting it before connecting to the wifi and still had the issue. I have the newist firmware installed, so I am stumped on what the issue might be. Does anyone know how to solve this reboot problem or how to connect to the internet without needing this reboot?

Thank you all so much.

I’m not sure about the ‘gateway’ bit - I’ve never restarted a Pi like that and the documentation doesn’t say that.

If you do the ‘sudo reboot’ it will disconnect and then the Pi will connect to your WiFi and you’ll need to figure out the new local IP address so that you can then ssh back in to it.

There used to be a section in the previous docs on looking up the new IP address on your router or using a command line utility to find the new address …

Thank you for your response and the clarification.

As far as connecting the gateway to the internet goes, should I ignore the error message and proceed with trying to access the gateway by using the ssh with the new local IP address? The error I am encountering is causing puTTY to crash, so should I start a new session with the new IP? Is the IP address that of my router or a new one for the gateway itself.

Thank you so much for your help.

Yes, it is saying that the computer it was connected to has disconnected, not un-surprisingly given you’ve just changed its network connection.

That would mean you will be connecting to your router.

If you want to connect to your gateway, it would be advisable to use your gateways IP address.

Thank you for your help.

I tried what you suggested with the IP of the gateway. I used the default IP that I used to connect to it originally, but was unsuccessful. How might I find the New IP for the gateway?

Your router should show the IP addresses it’s DHCP server has allocated.

Or you could plug in a keyboard & monitor to set it up directly.

Or if you have a network tool that scans for IP addresses and reports back the MAC address, Pi’s start with B8:27:EB