RAK7243 gateway configuration problem

Issue:I am a beginner and I have followed the tutorial to config the gateway, I want to use CN470 frequency band to enter the chirpstack server, but I cannot enter it.

Setup: I use my personal hotspot as the AP, and I let my laptop and RAK7243 to connect the AP, and then, I use wifi to connect the CN470 frequency chirpstack, it can be seen that when I use my laptop to ping the ip address of CN470, it is successful, but I cannot enter the CN470 chirpstack website like the tutorial shown.


Hi @elims,
Can you give us a screenshot of what you see in the web browser when you try to reach ? And also could this be another device connected to your network, but RAK7243?

This is the screenshot of the web browser, thank you so much!

Can you connect through ssh to your RAK7243? I think that this is not your gateway’s IP. Could you check if it is the right one?

@elims You can use the Advanced IP Scanner to check your network


We have a QQ group in China, you can join the group for more support.