RAK7243 recommendation

First of all I would like to recommend the RAK7243 Gateway.

I think it is an exceptional product, very sensitive and better than IMST880a or Mikrotik Gateway as well as some others I have tried…
for my needs I had to make some adjustments…

I did it first:
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

sudo raspi-config


for easier manipulation we install mc
apt install mc
and run it with:
sudo mc

with mc we go to etc / network and press F4 to edit the “interfaces” file

paste 3 rows:

auto eth0
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

with this we enabled the dhcp server to pick us up on the eth0 interface…

close mc with F10

We pass the following command to the terminal to disable the chirpstack server and unnecessary services:

sudo systemctl disable chirpstack-application-server
sudo systemctl disable chirpstack-gateway-bridge
sudo systemctl disable chirpstack-network-server
sudo systemctl disable redis-server.service
sudo systemctl disable postgresql.service

With sudo gateway-config we set the ADR and SERVER address as well as the wlan ap SSID and password

When we have set all this up and seen that the gateway is working we type sudo raspi-config and go to Advanced options

and activate the overlay FS
with that we set up a readonly filesystem
in order not to corrupt the sd card from reset or power outages…

With a system set up like this, the gateways have been working on roofs for several months now without any problems…

Thanks RAK for a good and affordable gateway!