RAK7243 with LTE Gateway

Hi RAK Wireless Team,

I want to operate the RAK7243 gateway with Backhual as Ethernet.
So that i want to powerup the Gateway without LTE Antenna’s.

Can I do like Powerup the Gateway without LTE Antenna’s?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @ravi,

Do you mean that you have a RAK7243C (with LTE function) gateway, and you want to use Ethernet as Backhual instead of LTE, but you are not sure whether there are some difference with using LTE, right?

If yes, i answer “yes” too. :wink:


I have a RAK7243C(with LTE function) gateway.

Can I power up the Gateway without connecting LTE antenna’s to RAK7243C?

If I do like powering up the gateway without LTE antenna’s , are there any consequences like Damage to Gateway?


Hi @ravi,

It doesn’t matter, just feel free to power up it without LTE antenna.