RAK7244 on helium

So I purchased the RAK7244 wireless and followed all the steps to add the LoRa packet forwarder the gateway and integrated with a miner. How do I monitor activity on the Helium network? Do I need to register the hotspot some where? How long does it take to show activity.

Any recommendations or guidelines would be appreciated.

I haven’t seen many mentions on here for Helium so I’d suspect there aren’t many users on here.

If the RAK is working for you, perhaps network activity questions would best be answered on the Helium forum?

Thank you for the response. I was hoping to find a guide on RAK but I understand this is early in the development phase

RAK do gateways & modules which is hard enough, creating guides beyond basic connection of gateway for each & every new LoRaWAN network that comes along would be a huge undertaking, so the detail you’re looking for would be best left to the network provider. Particularly for Helium which adds the complication of mining.

If you mean activity on your gateway, then the docs will provide that information.

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Maybe this web can help you!


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Already using the guide thanks for looking it up

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