Rak7244c OsUpdate

Hi everyone,

I play with the RPI4 and the rak2245 mount in the module RAK7244c.
And i have some trooble to make working the GPS , so i decide to update to the news OS VERSION of Rak_common 4.1.1 to 4.2.0.

so my question is : could i “git clone” the new update and launch the “install.sh” with dont care about the old package?
Do i have to remove all old dependencies? is it possible simply?
A script do that?

more in details: For a better control and to know what im doing, is it egual to burn a RasbianBuster image and install the package rak_common on it, or burn directly the RAK7244 image provide by the official services?

what do you advice?

Hi. The best way is to burn fresh Buster and install the rak_common on it. The Git repo is more up to date, as compiling the image and uploading it takes time. If you do not want to reflash the SD card , you can try to run sudo rm -rf rak_common_for_gateway and then clone and install the new one.

I choose the worst way… just remove the old rak_common

and install the git repo

its look to work well.

i have not solve my GPS problems but its a other problem…
many thanks for the quick answer!