RAK7246 developer gateway with LTE

Issue: GPS not valid

Setup: RAK7246 + RAK2013 +RPI3

Server: chipstack

Details: i am try to use the new rak7246G and RAK2013 to add LTE to my gateway. after installation of the last firmware for rak7246G and i change the port to I2C because the UART is uysed by the LTE, the lora service can’t communicate with the GPS .
After some investigation, i found that the rak7246 firmware don’t support i2c communication with gps so i tried to use the rak7244 because they are the same as i found in the github repo.
note : i tested the gps with i2c script test generated when you install the rak over the githib ( rak_common) and the gps respond well .
any idea or any advice because i am blocked now with this issue please ?