RAK7246G can receive simultaneous data from how many nodes?

Issue: We bought RAK7246G. We plan to connect around 2000 LoRA devices that will send and receive data from RAK7246G. The data is small like GPIO status and analog data.

LoRA nodes are TTGO T-Beam ESP32 https://potentiallabs.com/cart/ttgo-t-beam-esp32-lora-868-gps-iot-module

Setup: RAK7246G will receive and send data to around 2000 LoRA nodes.

Server: RAK7246G


  1. Whether RAK7246G will be able to send and receive data to around 2000 LoRA nodes? If not, then how many maximum LoRA nodes can send and receive data to RAK7246G?

  2. Any tip on how to create such large integration with RAK7246G and 2000 LoRA nodes?

  3. Can RAK7246G and LoRA be implemented like MQTT ?

There is no fixed number.

LoRaWAN nodes randomly choose from available channels and if they are at a diversity of ranges there should be some de-conflicting from adapting to various spreading factors, too.

It really comes down to how active the nodes are - if they only send messages at larger intervals and there’s enough randomness that they don’t align then a huge number of nodes could be supported. If they are very active, only a small number.

Also downlinks are extremely expensive - a gateway can receive up to eight non-conflicting uplinks at the same time, but it cannot receive from any node while it is transmitting a downlink to just one. Ideally use downlinks as little as possible, both intentional application-level ones and those at link level (configuration MAC command, etc). Definitely DO NOT use confirmed uplink or downlink!

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Whether you can use the MQTT protocol depends on the lorawan server you are using instead of the gateway.