RAK7248 Boot is ok, but will not SYNC

Issue: RAK7248, Used for about 1 month, does not sync

Setup: N/A

LoRa® Server: N/A

Details: The miner was working great until about 10 days ago when we decided to cleanup the mess of cables. The Device was unplugged for approx. 1 hour and then plugged back in. There was nothing unusual about the installation or cable cleanup. Overall the Miner boots, I can run a DIAG but it will not SYNC. I have tried both WiFi and Ethernet connections but still no luck.

I think trying to reflashing it would be a possible solution, but I could not find documentation on how to do this.

This is for LoRaWAN nodes, not for Helium Miners.

Helium Miner questions are not answered here.

Please ask in our Discord Helium channels.

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