RAK7248 gwTime and nsTime are too far apart

Hi, I have a
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1, OS “10 (buster)”, 5.10.103-v7l+.
RAKWireless gateway RAK7248 no LTE version 4.2.7R install from firmware.

I am experiencing gwTime and nsTime getting too far apart over a period time

example, taken from a single frame from chirpstack

  • gwTime:“2024-01-05T05:06:29.338882+00:00”
  • nsTime:“2024-01-05T05:02:58.531795351+00:00”

is there a way to mitigate this gap?

Apparently it was due to GPS placement.

Looking at the logs: tail -f /var/log/syslog

shows repeatedly:

* rak-gateway ttn-gateway[2061]: WARNING: [gps] GPS out of sync, keeping previous time reference
* ### [GPS] ###
* # Valid time reference (age: 0 sec)
* # no valid GPS coordinates available yet
* ##### END #####

Once I placed the gateway to another position, with the GPS antenna near a window. Reboot and restart the packet forwarder, the timings are fixed.

looking at the syslog shows the gateway was able to acquire the GPS coordinates and does not deviate too much.

I do have another gateway, which seems to be fine in acquiring the GPS coordinates and has no other warnings with regards to GPS, but still have gap in the gwTime and nsTime due to coordinate variance. I do suspect the placement is not good enough.

hope this can be helpful to anyone reading!

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