RAK7248, "no_onboarding_key" error

Issue: no_onboarding_key error



Details: I am getting errors ‘no_onboarding_key’ and ‘hotspot not found on onboarding server’.
I tried getting help in discord by opening a support ticket but no solution is provided so far.
Requesting help to resolve this issue.

Hey, was this your first time setting it up?

I’m having the exact same issues. Waiting on a reply too from the Discord support ticket.


Yes, this is my first time setting up any miner.

I also have a discord ticket open for a week now, I was initially told that my miner has a technical issue and they will we working on replacing it but nothing since then, it’s been 5 days now.

That’s not reassuring for me. I have the same issue. Was hoping the Discord support was quick.

sorry for not being of much help. we are in the same boat.

same problem for me too! Any advice on how to solve? Did yours eventually work?