RAK7248 Suddenly Stopped Working

I hope someone on this forum can help.

My Helium Hotspot had suddenly stopped working. The versions (via the Hotspotty diagnostics) were as follows:

Rakspot V2
SD card
31.9GB SH32G 11

Miner version
Firmware version


The LEDs showed solid red, but the green LED is flashing 4/5 times and then a pause then another 4/5 times and on and on. It didn’t seem to connect to the Ethernet. I also didn’t seem to be able to connect via the bluetooth, but this is difficult to say as I don’t really know the procedure for this since the Solana migration.

So I assumed the problem was the SD Card and I purchased a new one and flashed with MNTD_2022_04_19_0.

The device now boots fine, LEDs all fine, connects to the network. The blue Helium app seems to find the device via Bluetooth but does not connect. I am getting no rewards and basically have no idea if the device is working, it has been in this state for 7 days.

The new Helium explorer points to Hotspotty which still gives 2 months old data.

Does anyone know how I can get any diagnostics from the device or if there is another way to determine if it is trying to sync to the blockchain?

Thank you.