RAK7248 V2 Firmware not working

The latest firmware for RAK7248 is not running.

No green LED blinking - no ETH and no WIFI active - Bluetooth does not work.


Where to get a working firmware file.

Good afternoon,

Are you having problems with your current gateway firmware ? Why are you looking to do update?

How are you trying to do the update process, I mean locally in the Gateway or using a WisDM Management Solution?


Hello, i just want to create new SD card because old one was damaged.
I use Balena etcher and create SD card.

Did you follow the procedure described in the WisGate Developer Gateway Firmware Setup | RAKwireless Documentation Center ?

Yes of course - step by step

Did you try to read the SD card in your laptop? I mean, just to avoid some media problem in the SD card.


No SD-Card works fine - tried several ones.

What is happening in the boot process? Are your gateways trying to read the SD card?

How to check ? what do you mean ? red led is burning and the green LED keeps flashing at irregular intervals.
after pressing bluetooth button - no bluetooth is visible.

Hello @Krypto75438
What is the product exactly?
You say RAK7248 which is developer gateway and not miner, but your nickname and also you saying V2(RAK7248 doesn’t have V2) point me to the conclusion that you are talking about miner maybe?

If this is a miner using the firmware for the developer gateway will never solve the issue because this is a different device and product.

Using the correct names will help you find the solution you are looking for :slight_smile: .

Nikola Semov

Check at this guide: https://support.getmntd.com/hc/en-us/articles/6832177438999-Replacing-the-SD-card

Nikola Semov

BalenaEtcher always failed - so i am using Rufus.

But Miner does not work.


I’m not a MNTD/Miners support so I can’t be very helpful.

Try contacting support at: [email protected]

Nikola Semov