RAK7249 24V passive PoE

I’m in a situation where I have either 12V or 24V DC from which I need to power a RAK DIY gateway. Normally these gateways are powered by 48V active PoE (802.3af).

I want to use 24V passive PoE and insert a PoE splitter inside the enclosure of the gateway. I’m only concerned about the voltages. Can die RAK4240 main board support 24V DC input on its barrel connector?

This is what I want to do:

If I inject 12V into the ethernet on the other side, this will likely work. I’m just concerned that a voltage drop over the cable will cause the 12V to drop too low. Especially if I’m also using LTE. That’s why it’s common to inject 24V into the ehternet, and then the LDOs on the device will regulate it down to what is required.

What I need to know is:

  • Does the LDO/regulator on the RAK4240 main board allow me to input 24V?