RAK7249: 3G and 2G fallback

Good morning, We are a start-up from Italy and we design and develop Environmental Monitoring IoT systems. We are looking at the RAK7249 for a solution of a LORAWAN development outdoor.

Need some more information:

  1. Cellular module: is there 3G and 2G fallback ?
  2. GPS: can be disabled and how?
  3. WIFI: can be disabled and how?
  4. Upgraded LoRa Antenna 5.8dBi: can be installed on the gateway mount OR must be installed separately on the pole?

Many thanks for the support !
Kind regards


Hello @Mik

Nice to see you are considering the RAK7249 for a potential solution.
So to the points:

  1. Yes, there is an LTE radio in there that is 3G/2G fallback capable. It is in fact an EG95 from Quectel:

  2. Simple, remove the antenna :wink:

  3. This one can be done via the the configuration interface, which is done via a web browser (graphical, not command line). There is a specific portion of the interface that deals with the Wi-Fi and how it operated, where you can find a button to Disable it. This is all in the manual/quick start guide under the RAK7249 in our documentation center.

  4. Whichever you prefer, it is short enough to not wobble when mounted on the casing itself, however it can be mounted away on a pole for example with an extension cable. Should not be a problem, unless there is insane wind considerations.

A couple of links to get you started:

Quick Start Guide:

This is it in short. You need more details let us know.


@Hobo many thanks for your kind reply.

Where can I find the point in the Guide or Manuals, where it is described how to setup up the SIM Card for cellular connection ? Actually, I don’t find it.

Would you help me? We would like to understand how much this RAK can work soon out of the box.

In fact, in our project we will buy the RAK and make some pre-setup, but we will not be present at the installation in the field, where it will be installed the SIM card (we are in Italy and the GW will installed in South US Region). To say better, we need to make a distinction on what I can pre-setup and what must be done anyway at the field.

Hei @Mik

Here is the link to the section. You should look at chapter 2. Not much to setup there actually :wink:

As for what can be preset, this is up to the cellular provider I guess and how much you know about it beforehand.


Oh, ok I have seen that now. Thank you

One clarification, what the << The Gateway metric determines the priority of this interface, compared with the other connectivity options. The lower the value the higher the priority. >> exactly means ?

We will use only cellular connection for Internet, not ETH or WIFI.

i @Mik,

Basically which one is the next in line if one fails. It won’t matter in your case I suppose :slight_smile: