RAK7249 8 Channel Redundancy


I set up my RAK7249 16 channels with the same config/frequency for concentrator 1 & 2:

  • Concentrator 1 : 920.2, 920.4, 920.6, 920.8, 921, 921.4, 921.6, 921.8
  • Concentrator 2 : 920.2, 920.4, 920.6, 920.8, 921, 921.4, 921.6, 921.8

What happens during Tx, which concentrator will be used for TX? Does this disable the Rx of one concentrator when Tx on another concentrator?


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Dear Andri,

If you need to set up the same channel, it is not necessary to turn on both channels at the same time, as you are using two 8-channel gateways!

Hi @xflash,
First of all, could you explain why are you trying to use both concentrators with the same chanal frequency?
You can refer to this document: https://downloads.rakwireless.com/LoRa/DIY-Gateway-RAK7249/Application-Notes/Packet_Forwarder_Customs%20_Spectrum_Setting_KR920.pdf
but keep in mind that it’s about KR920 settings.