RAK7249 accessing internet but not TTN

Details: I followed the setup procedure closely that is provided on the RAKwireless knowledge hub for the 7249 and registered it with TTN. When I connect into the gateway, i see an actively updating GPS signal, and have used the diagnostics feature to ping various IPv4 addresses. I successfully ping many addresses with 0% packet loss, but when I ping TTN, it always results in 100% packet loss. The TTN console also shows “not connected” (it hasn’t successfully shown connected since I started setup a couple days ago).

I’m not sure if the issue is coming from the gateway setup side, or from the TTN server side. Reading those forums, it seems that many have lost connection in the past 2 days, potentially from a TTN server side, but most of those are coming back on line.

Relatively new to this, so if there is a setting/function I should focus in on that I may be missing, I’m all ears.

Please don’t post the same issue on both forums - it dilutes the efforts of the volunteers who end up not understanding what you are doing based on something you are doing from other advice.

Either place is fine - obviously this place has the RAK support team on it but there are more generalists with other knowledge on TTN.

The TTN servers are just fine - TTI are not going to fix the console issue as they are concentrating on their v3 stack - this is something else, we just need to find the right button for the data to start flowing.

Dear cshill,
Can I send a screenshot of ping? And your packet Forward configuration interface.

Thank you!

Best regards!

TTN is behind load balancers and doesn’t ping.