RAK7249 AP SSID Not Visible & No WAN IP Available

Issue: Software(?)


  • Antennas: LoRa1, WiFi, LTE, GPS
  • 50 Ohm Terminator: LoRa 2

Server: ChirpStack on AWS


I had successfully been using my RAK7249 gateway in AP + Client mode and was able to access the internet when connected to the RAK AP SSID. I briefly changed it from “AP + Client” to “AP” mode in order to enable and test my LTE connection, as I had read in a separate forum post that the LTE connection will not function when WiFi client mode is active. After verifying that data was successfully transmitting over LTE, I turned off the cellular connection, then changed the WiFi setting back to “AP + Client”. Despite double checking the SSID and network password, the gateway did not achieve an internet connection. From there I took a few more steps–detailed below–and got into a situation where not only did the gateway have no internet connection, but I am unable to connect to the gateway at all. I could really use some help with this, since even after trying a factory reset, the device is still unresponsive.


  • LTE: Disabled, WiFi: AP + Client – OK
  • LTE: Enabled, WiFi: AP – OK
  • LTE: Disabled, WiFi: AP + Client – No Internet
  • LTE: Disabled, WiFi: AP – Laptop disconnects from RAK AP network. AP SSID is no longer visible.
  • Connected gateway WAN to router with an ethernet cable – LED2 blinks, but no network IP address for the gateway is visible after scanning the network for devices
  • Factory reset, held down the button on the main board for 10 seconds – No change, same results as last step

All activation, deactivation, and mode changing of the LTE and WiFi settings was done through the RAK dashboard.