RAK7249 Backup Battery

Hi, I have set up my 7249 with a backup battery. It doesn’t seem to work. I am using the version 2.0 charger board in the enclosure, I have followed the setup procedure here. When I turn the battery on and disconnect the ethernet, I have no lights whatsoever. With ethernet (poe) connected, the gateway obviously connects and I have a flashing light on the charger board. Any thoughts?

Is it convenient to take a picture of your connection when it failed?

Here’s what I have attempted so far…in photos…
I have fully charged the backup battery, photo showing voltage…

With the battery connected, I have 11.61v at jumper on charging board, but no lights showing anywhere.

When the battery is not connected and poe is connected, everything lights up and looks and operates without a problem…

Any thoughts?

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Does the gateway work when no lights are on, or is the result the same as when no lights are on?

Nothing seems to be happening at all when the battery is connected…the ttn certainly can’t see it, so I assume it’s not running the gateway. I would have thought the lights would still operate using the battery?

How did you get your spare battery?The battery does allow the gateway to work, not sure what your problem is. If you can, you can try to weld a wire by yourself.

Ebay. I tried to get RAK to indicate where I might be able to source one, but they just indicated there were plenty of suppliers out there. Could you recommend a reliable source?
Happy to “weld a wire”, if I knew what & where…
Thanks for the assistance so far too…

I think you can first find a 12v2A power supply to try to connect, can you make the gateway work?

I connected the gateway to a bench power supply, and set it to 12v/2.4a…no luck at all…

This image shows the power being enabled…

Could it be a failed charging board?

So please do not inject power to the output of the charger board



I would like to know if the this battery fit? Dimensions: 157x76x37mm/6.18x2.99x1.46in(20000mAh)
if not, what would be the maximum size and estimate lifetime.


This battery is not fit for RAK7429 enclosure.
The Max dimension of battery is cm, the capacity of battery is about 10AH, the lifetime is about 24 hours for RAK7249

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Is there any indicator to know the battery charging status? and current battery % use/left ?