RAK7249 Basic Station wont connect to ttn v3

Hey there,

i followed this installation guide: RAK7249 Supported LoRa Network Servers | RAKwireless Documentation Center.
And i also updated the latest firmware.

and i still got no connection to ttn.


Some errors:
I got gps errors in the syslog

And in Status → Overview it says under LoRa Network Server:
LoRa Network Server not running …

i hope you can help me out.

Share the screen shot of your TTN registered gateways… make sure the EUI of the gateway is correct on TTN along with the URL used…

EUI is correct

maybe the gateway is not connected to the internet…
try this connect the gateway using eth45 cable and connect to your gateway through it’s wifi ssid and check fi your device can access the internet properly, if that works maybe the LoRa Concentrator is not working a reboot usually helps.

hey JayjJay,

i did that, it still wont work.

I also received in my packet logger “join request” traffic, but i cant connect with my end device to ttn either.

when i ping ttn i get 100% packet lost.

i would recommend a factory reset of the gateway with erase all data…

also did that, without any result.

In the syslog i get a TC connect failed.

i tried a restart, didnt work either.