RAK7249 can't be joined by radiobridge ip67 sensor

Issue: I have a radiobridge sensor I am trying to make send info to my RAK7249 which in turn I want to send to my mqtt home assistant box.

The documentation doesn’t match the UI I see so I am having a hard time.

In the LoRa packet logger I see a steady stream of “join request” from the sensor but nothing else.

I have added the sensor’s Device EUI and key to the “Lora Network Server -> Application” submenu. It seems like that is recognized because I see “Auto added at Thu Aug 20 16:41:16 2020”

However I don’t see any join accepts or payload packets or any sign that any mqtt is getting forwarded.

“LoRa Network Server” -> “General” is set to Enabled
“LoRa Gateway” -> “basic station” is disabled.

I am still not clear why the mqtt gateway can be config’d in so many places but I have added it to “LoRa Gateway” -> “LoRa Gateway mqtt bridge” and “Lora Network Server -> Gateway”

Model RAK7249
Firmware Version 1.1.0063_Release r205|

Even just a pointer to some docs where the screenshots match this firmware UI would be great.

I assume this is a pretty basic case… RAK7249 provides the LoRa hub and forwards to mqtt over tcp. If there are some pointers to basic setups I would love to look at those too.

Which RadioBridge sensor are you using?

Do you have any other devices you can use to check?

As at present it’s either your sensor isn’t sending or isn’t sending what’s expected OR the gateway isn’t hearing or the gateway needs further configuration.

Definitely the first step is to get something arriving at the gateway, then the MQTT configuration can be addressed.

Which RadioBridge sensor are you using?

IP67 LoRa Ultrasonic Level Sensor - 10 meter

Do you have any other devices you can use to check?

No, what’s a good cheap reference sensor that has good documentation?

In a Chirpstack (ex-LoRaServer) setup there are two places MQTT brokers are used (in this case they would probably be the same broken running on the gateway itself but in a traditional setup with multiple gateways and the server in the cloud distinct brokers would often be used for security)

  • Between the “gateway bridge” and the network server - these are encrypted messages that are just a literal transcription of what goes over the air, with the necessary radio metadata
  • Between the application side of the network server (technically a different program than the NS) and whatever you have consuming the data - these are decrypted messages with the actual uplink or downlink data and necessary metadata

If you already had an MQTT broker of your own, make sure that it’s only the application side of things which is pointed at that. The gateway bridge and network side of things would probably want to stay pointed at the on-gateway broker.

However I don’t see any join accepts or payload packets or any sign that any mqtt is getting forwarded.

It seems as if you’re seeing the uplinks in the gateway’s own view of traffic, so the next question would be if you are seeing them in LoRaServer’s view of gateway traffic.

  • if not, check the configuration of the packet forwarder and the lora gateway bridge, ie, packet forwarder needs to be pointed at the loopback IP for the gateway bridge, which needs to be running and pointed at the appropriate local MQTT broker

  • if loraserver is seeing the join requests at gateway level, then you need to debug why they are not being associated with your device at application level, so for example make sure that the device identity information matches between the node and the device you registered in loraserver

Ok, thank you, this is helping me understand this more. It sounds like I have pointed too much at my external mqtt broker. I need to revert some of these settings to point at loopback.

By “the application side” you mean “Application Server Integration” under the “Lora Network Server” main menu?

What’s the best way to debug this? I have been looking at the top-level “LoRaWAN Packet Logger” under the Status menu. What link of the chain is this showing, and is there another place to check?