RAK7249: Coverage Simulation

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I have recently procured two RAK7249 Gateways from Rakwireless.
Following that we wanted to do a Coverage Simulation using this Gateway on the online simulator link below.


Unfortunately, I am not able to complete the parameters as highlighted below as I could not find those parameters in the datasheet, if someone has used this tool can you please help me on how to find the parameters as highlighted below.

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LoRa® Server:


These numbers don’t vary very much between LoRaWAN gateways, though the fact that LoRa modulation is involved substantially complicates the picture - you can’t even pick a value until you decide which spreading factor you are interested in and include its coding gain in the analysis, and in the LoRaWAN scheme gateways accept all legal spreading factors.

In reality that major determination of useful range is the specific geography and human built obstructions, secondarily any other uses of the frequency band.