RAK7249 Dropping Out in Basic Station with AWS

Issue: We have set up 5 RAK7249 LoRa gateways. . We have followed the RAK instructions to set up the gateways as a basic station forwarding to AWS. They have been active for 2-3 weeks now.

We are having an issue with multiple gateways stopping communication unexpectedly. We can see on the AWS IoT console that they are still connected to the internet, but no LoRa packets come through. The system log shows the following:

user.err basicstation[23950]: [RAL:ERRO] Concentrator start failed: Igw_start
user.err basicstation[23950]: [RAL:ERRO] ral config failed with status 0x08
user.err basicstation[23950]: [any:ERRO] Closing connection to muxs - error in s2e_onMsg

Rebooting the gateways in software makes no difference. Disconnecting the PoE cable to completely de-power and then reconnecting does seem to work and they start working again for a few more days.

Setup: All on firmware version 1.2.1 and 3dBi LoRa antenna. Connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

LoRa® Server: AWS IoT Core

We are having this same problem with the RAK7249 and RAK7258. Anyone found a fix or workaround?

Hello, @hprunningfish @calorauser,
The issue was investigated and there will be an FW release with a fix soon.
I will ping you once it is released, so you could upgrade your gateways.

Best Regards

Any update on when a firmware fix will be released?

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Matter of days, I cant ensure you for the exact day.

Solved this problem?
I can’t find updated firmware.
Thanks for feedback

Hello, @hprunningfish @calorauser @lmiot,

You can download firmware 1.3.1 from here.

Best Regards