RAK7249 Dual Syslog Server Configuration

Provision in the GUI for multiple NTP servers but only one syslog server?

GUI Menu > System/System/Logging/“External system log server”
Is a 2nd syslog server configurable via CLI?

am on RAK7249, 1.2.3_RAK rRAK-a6e14b0

Hello @boxselli,

No, there are 2 options for system log- the SD card and the external system log server configuration.

That’s pretty typical industry wide.

NTP servers are polled occasionally, it’s pretty common to give multiple possibilities in the hope that at least one works, you see the same thing with DNS

Remote syslog is typically a local network server, and more of an ongoing flow to one unique target. It’s not even clear that the underlying OpenWRT Linux operating system would support multiple targets, at least not without changing the syslog daemon in use.

You might(?) be able to use UDP mode and log to a broadcast address, but UDP raises its own concerns.

Some sort of failover where one box replaces another at the same target address might work, but you may run into ARP cache issues.