RAK7249 eth issue with two concentrator

RAK7249 not working well over ethernet with 2 concentrator

WisGate Edge Max (RAK7249) bundle 4

LoRa® Server:

I have 4 rak7249 (8 channels) over my city working well for more than 1.5 years, recently I bought a new RAK7249 with 16 channels, it work well for 3 days with ethernet (PoE) but without reason it stop working, I test connect the gateway through WiFi as client and it work property, but I can use is with WiFi were will be installed, I tough was de gateway, so I change the second concentrator to other gateway, it work with ethernet well for 5 minutes and stop working, so the issue is the concentrator, has anybody have a solution for this? or know what can I try?

Hi @ikannedes,

Basically, the concentrator has nothing to do with the network connection of the gateway, so the problem should not be there. What firmware version are you using? What do you mean by stop working, is the way unreachable or just don’t see any packets? Also, some system logs will be helpful.

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