RAK7249 GPS and altitude tolerance

Hi friends of RAK-devices,

I have installed a RAK7249 on a static place.

Since yesterday the GPS-Antenne is connected as well.

Every node gets another gate-GPS, around 50m.
Altidude is fading as well between about 120m and 150m more than in reality.

Firmware is 1.059
Installation is under free air

I wonder why there is so much tolerance on GPS-position and altitude on a fix installed gateway unter free air?

Can you share a screens and the log from the Gateway?


This is the log of the gateway-position during the last hours.

Fading of about 100m in altitude.

latitude and longitude are not even better.

The gateways is mounted fix on a base-station.

Question: Might this be a broken qps-antenna?

Hi - Nothing wrong with your installation or RAK7249 - This is the normal tolerance of the GPS Satellites for public users - I have two RAK gateways, RAK831 and RAK2245 and both of these show similar tolerances for Lat, Long and attitude.

Hi Wayne,

after update to firmware 1.0061 the tolerance is much better now.

I don’t know whether it has to do with it because changelog does not note anything about gps.

And in addition the problems with the packet-forwarder are solved.

edit after one hour:

Tolerance of altitude is still bad. After cold-start tolerance was good. Now again it variies strong. Inacceptable for such a high-valued gateway.

Hi. I will check this in field, and inform the team if there is any problem. Please, can you send all data you gathered to [email protected]
Thank you.

Hi Todor,

many thanks for your reply,

The data can be seen in the picture in my last post.

On cold start GPS-values are ok, almost perfect

After some time running (abt. half an hour) there is a strong and fading tolerance of much more than 100m.
It even shows no gps-information sometimes.

The gps-antenne is the origin one attached in the gateway-kit.
Firmware 1.0061, picture of fading gps can be seen above.

How can I access the RAK 7249 by SSH do deactivate the GPS-antenna?