RAK7249 GPS and data

Hi all,

I have a few questions about the RAK7249 LoRa gateway.
(a) I have setup the gateway indoor and it seems that it did not acquire GPS coordinates and altitude. Possible that I setup it indoor, that it did not acquire GPS coordinates? I just want to know if the gateway would automatically tries to look for the GPS coordinates once it turns on?
(b) I’ve used the built in LoRa Server of the gateway. I was able to receive data from nodes. However, live data disappears after a while. Is the gateway’s built in server capable of storing the data in the gateway itself and retrieve it after?

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1.When you connect the external GPS antenna, there will be GPS data displayed in this area.

2.Real-time data is not currently supported for storage, but when you have completed the data transfer, you can download the data for later query.

Hi @Nicholas,

Thank you for the reply.

  1. I already connected my GPS antenna of my RAK7249 before turning it on. After some time still there is no GPS data shown in your photo on your reply above. However, I setup the gateway indoor. I just want to clarify, once the gateway is turned on, it automatically searches for GPS data or should I manually do it to find the location? Is it possible that I did not retrieve any data as I setup it indoor?
  2. My plan is to download all the data (e.g. for 1 whole day) sent by my node to the gateway’s built in server, any suggestions on this? Do I need to connect the built in server to an external database or is it possible to extract all application data from the built in server itself?


  1. It may be because no GPS signal was found, and no data was generated
  2. All the data that happens to you can be stored, but in the same document.
  1. Alright. So it automatically retrieves GPS data? Once there is no GPS data found, the gateway would try again to search until it will get a GPS fix?
  2. So the gateway built in server can store all my application data? How can I retrieve all of the data?


Your data can be seen here and downloaded to the archive, but once you switch pages, the data will disappear and can only be synced to the page.

When your GPS data is searched, it will show up in the screenshot I gave you earlier.

Thank you for the information @Nicholas. Sorry I am still new to LoRa Gateways and node.

For the data, so for me to be able to retrieve all the data for one whole day, I need to stay on the LoRaWAN Packet Logger page (so data will not disappear) for the whole day? Then after that, download and extract all of the data? Is my understanding right?

You’re right.:grinning::grinning:

Alright! Will try doing this tomorrow :slight_smile:

Just a question,
(1) On what format are the data files are once downloaded?
(2) Is it also possible to retrieve all of the data from the gateway’s built in server by using WebAPi or the HTTP integration?

CSV layout
Data can be transmitted through MQTT

Alright. Thank you very much for the information @Nicholas!

Hi @Nicholas,

I already tried downloading the csv data from LoRa Packet Logger. It works, thanks!
(1) Now, is it possible to retrieve the metadata of my node transmissions from the built-in server? Any suggestion here :slight_smile:
(2) What is the payload data format? Why is it different from the one that I am sending from my node?

There is a switch between base64 and HEX format, you need to switch this format to be normal.

Hi @Nicholas,

I already switched the format to HEX format. However, the problem still exists. When I sent my data through the serial port, it is not the same with the payload received in the gateway built in server. Also, as I send my data repeatedly, the payload changes. See attached for more details. What is the problem here?

I’m sorry to tell you that you can only see the sent parsed data here, but it cannot be saved as mentioned before, and it can only see the data of one node instead of more.

Noted. I was also able to see this as I work on it yesterday.

(1) I am just curious, why does the payload changes at packet logger (even though same payload is sent)?
(2) On my sent/receive, why does my transmission states it is ‘unconfimred’? What is the difference if it is ‘confirmed’ or ‘unconfirmed’?
(3) I saw the HTTP integration at the application. Can I use it to get my metadata of my transmitted message? or is there an other way?

Thank you