RAK7249 GW Unresponsive After Firmware Update to 1.3.4

Issue: RAK 7249 Gateway Un-Responsive(unable to access Web-Server,no WiFi AP is Shown)

Setup: RAK7249 Gateway

Server: webserver

Details: I have updated the RAK 7249 GW from 1.3.1_RAK b71 to 1.3.4, Because Due to the issue of the Gateway not Connnecting to TTN Network Server Over LTE(Cellular Interface), and I found after that Updating to latest Firmware can Resolve the Issue, So i Downloaded this Firmware and Upgraded using the Web-Server interface of the gateway, but after that, i see no response, atleast the GW Webserver also remains in-accesible and I cant see the WIFI AP. I also Did Factory reset of the Gateway by holding the Reset button more than 8 Seconds. Stiil of no use.

Any Solution to counter this issue.