RAK7249 is not saving the LoRa Network configuration

In the middle of my tests with Basic Station with CUPS , I found another problem when I was trying to change the Packet Forward configuration by web console with TTNV3 to AWS IoT Core LoRaWAN:

  1. I finish the Basic Station configuration with an “apply & save”, and everything seems to be fine, but it is not true.
  2. When I did a reboot, the Packet Forward configuration back to web console and by syslog messages I saw that the gateway back to Packet Forward mode instead of Basic Station.
  3. The strange behavior is that when by web console a change the configuration again to Basic Station, the AWS configuration that I did, it came back, I did again “apply & save”, the Basic Station operation mode back. The problem is that if I reboot the gateway, I will lose again the Basic Station configuration.

It seems to me like a Web console bug and the Basic Station is being saved as the “current operation mode”, but it still there in “some place”.

I attached two screenshots below.

Could you help me?



I found what was the problem: I am using WisDM and The packet forward configuration was saved there, and everytime that the WisDM did a sync, my Basic Station configuration was lost.

Well, I did the Basic Configuration there, and now I will not do the configuration directly in the Gateway anymore :slight_smile: . Lessons learned only one configuration source :slight_smile:

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