Hello! I would like to seek help regarding setting up one (1) of our RAK7249 Gateways to run on LTE. We managed to make two (2) gateways working on LTE however, one gateway does not work as expected.

What we currently experience are:

a. When inspecting the Cellular Network menu, only the TX changes but not the RX.
b. When inspecting the System Log, a log stating “SIM_ABSENT” is found.

What we have done so far:

a. Tried other SIM Cards and made sure that all SIM Cards used are active. Also, made sure to try the SIMs and rebooting the GW with the same SIM. No success with this one.

b. Did a firmware upgrade using the dashboard. A noticeable difference is that a LoRa Network Server appeared on the left side menu after the firmware upgrade. But no luck with the LTE issue.

We are currently suspecting that it is a possible hardware related concern; not sure, but maybe?

Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!


May I ask, are your two gateways the same? And does one of them run the SIM card properly?