RAK7249 LTE missing on new firmware

I upgraded from firmware LoRaGateway_1.1.0063_Release_r205 to WisGateEdge_WisDM and I lost the Cellular Interface option. I downgraded to RAK7249_Latest_Firmware, but that did not help. I tried other firmwares too, but Cellular was missing.

In the end I downgraded back to https://downloads.rakwireless.com/LoRa/DIY-Gateway-RAK7249/Firmware/History-Release-Verison/LoRaGateway_1.1.0063_Release_r205.zip and now my Cellular Interface is back.


LoRa® Server:


Today I tried to upgrade to Firmware Version 1.0.1_RAK rRAK-96aa330, but this version has the same issue where the LTE is not being recognised and not available in the UI.

Could you please share me the SN of your gateway ? You can send it to my email. [email protected]