RAK7249 Outdoor Gateway Power Issue

Hi Team,

My RAK7249 Outdoor Gateway doesn’t powered up.
LED’s status are OFF state.
In PoE we identified that as It’s working as per LED state ON.

Can you please let us know what was the issue may be?

Hi , you can try to change the patch cable between the PoE adapter and the Gateway. Please check that LAN cable is fully 8 pin (there are only 4 pins in the market). I assume that the Gateway is opened (if you can check the LEDs) so please try to plug it directly to the PoE patch cable without the LAN gland.

I used working LAN Cable and also i checked with different working LAN Cables.
I did the same as you mentioned like plugging the PoE Patch cable without the LAN gland also.
Still, the gateway won’t powered-up.

Awaiting your reply.

Hm… and this was sudden stop. The Gateway was working fine right? Can you check that the PoE is really working? With other PoE powered device or with multimeter?

This was sudden stop, previously the gateway works fine.
I just ensured PoE working as with Green LED on PoE
Can tell me the Procedure how to check and what to check with multimeter?

With the patch cable plug in the PoE port of the PoE adapter(powered) you can measure the output voltage (around 48Volts). The possitive pins are 4 and 5, negative are 7 and 8. You can see all pins here (Pinouts table) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_over_Ethernet

I checked as per your reference. I got 48.1 Volts
I think PoE works fine.

What might be the issue?
Awaiting your response.

That is good. Ok, lets make factory reset. Power the Gateway and press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds.

I did the factory reset.But still gateway condition is same as previous.
It didn’t powered up.

Ok. Last one thing to try. Do you have spare 12V 2A power adapter with standart barrel connector? To try to power the Gateway from power jack on the board.

Hi @ravi Did you solve this issue? If not please mail to [email protected] with link to this thread and your order number for RMA.

Hi @velev
Power issue resolved with 12V 2A Power adapter.
As per previous trails in debugging gateway, Root cause identified as PoE Port got damaged on board.
Any procedure to fix this problem?

Thanks & Best Regards,

Hi. Can you send me pictures of the broken part (zone). You can send them to [email protected]

Hi @velev
PoE port on board look like normal. it’s not a physical damage.Hope you understood

Hi,can you measure the voltage by multimeter according the picture i upload?
If 48V is ok and no 12V,it means that POE circuit has issue.

Hi @Jeff

Thank you for your response.

Before measuring the 12V and 48V across the points indicated in image, I need a confirmation like

  • For the testing, what I need to use PoE or 12V 2A adaptor?

  • FYI, When i’m trying to use the PoE , the gateway won’t be powered up?

  • Shall I continue to test the 2 Points voltages by using 12V 2A adaptor for powering up the gateway.

Best Regards,

HI @ravi,

  1. You should use PoE to power up the gateway;
  2. If the POE circuit is normal,the gateway will be powerd up(But in fact it will not because it has issues).
  3. No need as you have said that Power issue resolved with 12V 2A Power adapter.I just want to judge the issue point is before PD IC or after PD IC(48V to 12V convert circuit).If it’s before PD IC,maybe we still have chance to resolve it(Remove D2 and try PoE again).If not,Lets go Return Material Authorization process.

Hi @Jeff,
Sorry for the late reply.
I Powered the gateway with 12V 2A power adaptor and tested the voltages at P1 and C125.

  • at P1 Across the 2 pin JST male connector Voltage is Zero

  • at Capacitors across C125 the voltage is 11.56V

Awaiting your response.


HI @ravi,

You should use PoE to power up the gateway.And then measure the voltages at P1 and C125.

Hi @Jeff,

Hope you are safe and doing good.

As you mentioned in previous message, I power up the gateway using PoE and below are results,

  • at P1 Across the 2 pin JST male connector voltage is 47.4V.

  • at Capacitors, Across the C125 the voltage is zero(0V).