RAK7249 PacketLogger Bug

I am running Firmware 1.1.1_RAK rRAK-c7679acc7

and I have the “LoRaWAN Packet Logger” web GUI open since yesterday.
“Hide CRC_ERR packet” checkbox is not ticked! Still out of 9000 packets that the Packet Logger is showing none have CRC_ERR packet. This is completely unrealistic. This gateway is public and receives messages often sometimes with up to -140db signal strength and -20 SNR should see many corrupt packages.

So the bug is that the Packet Logger only shows CRC_OK (and NO_CRC on transmitted) packages.
But CRC_ERR packets are omitted even if the checkbox “Hide CRC_ERR packet” is not set.

I don’t even think it would be useful to decode CRC_ERR packets. Maybe just print a line for each corrupt package. Or remove the option to show CRC_ERR from the GUI completely.

Hi @kwinz,
It is really strange that under these circumstances you did not see any CRC error. We will investigate the issue.
Тhank you for your observation and for discovering this potential bug!

Best Regards!

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