RAK7249 payload filter

Issue: Hello Team, good day. we have recently purchased the Industrial Outdoor LoRa Gateway namely the RAK7249. This Gateway is Robust in terms of functionality and has proven its continuous operation on TTN, thumb up RAK team. In addition, we have recently noticed some unwanted LoRaWAN devices are connected to our GW and sending Uplinks causing unnecessary background mobile data usage (GW using mobile backhaul: SIM card with monthly data package), as a security measure can you please advise on the preventive measure to filter out the unwanted LoRaWAN devices?.

Any config that can be done at gateway level or at any other level.

Many thanks for your help.


LoRa® Server:


Not if you are using TTN as TTN prohibits any filtering of uplinks.

@Avishek ,

Actually RAK Edge Gateways have a packet filtering function, that should work with TTN, unless I am mistaken.
@nmcc what do you think?


I think it is against the terms of use of TTN.

A private TTI instance or running your own Open Source v3 stack is entirely OK.

But using the community servers but blocking others in the community isn’t allowed.

This was our last discussion:

@Avishek, where (in the world) is the gateway and do you have stats numbers of you own & these other uplinks?

Maybe there are ways of tracking the other users who may not realise they are impacting on your gateway.

Hello Hobo, thanks for your swift response, I will check the mentioned functionality (filtering) and will get back to you…

Hi Nick,

Greetings, sorry for late reply and thanks for your swift response.

Yes after reading the provided thread its clear to me that TTN provides the free backend for the benefits of the community. Unless i opt for the private TTI or the Stack V3 where i can do the packet filtration for the unwanted devices.

i will also test what Hobo suggested and will update this thread accordingly.

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Hi Nick,

Its been a while since the gateway has been switched off mainly due to the extended confinement period here in our island, unfortunately for now i don’t have the stats(apologies for this).

GW: eui-ac1f09fffe014970

Testing Hobo’s suggestion is testing filtering which, as established, is contra-indicated.

That said, a good compromise may be to allow TTN NetId’s through so you are community, without wasting bandwidth on having the Network Server drop non-TTN uplinks. I shall make enquiries.