RAk7249 : SF11&12 get weak signal less then SF10~7

Dear All.

we test RAK7249 join request process and signal. and we find some abnormal stuation.
SF7 ~ SF10 RSSI value around 60~80, SF11~SF12 RSSI value is 111~110.
what is the problem, i have log file, how can i upload

best begard

Hi @lugion
You can mail me the log file
[email protected]

Or if you want, upload it somewhere and give link here.

Todor Velev

Hi. i have enclosed log file.

Best Regards

2019년 8월 3일 (토) 오전 12:09, Todor Velev via RAKwireless Forum [email protected]님이 작성:

(Attachment server.log is missing)