RAK7249 tunnel not starting


I am in the end of this tutorial :OpenVPN/RAK_LoRa_Gateway_Remote_Management-OpenVPN_V1.2.pdf at master · tvelev/OpenVPN · GitHub

I got connection from my PC to my AWS instance but in the RAK7249 th tunnel VPN its not starting. Any thing that might missed?

Hello @bioshock2k

Are you sure you configured right the keys for the gateway and the remote IP in the OpenVPN Configuration Menu?

The configuration is ok since i did a tunnel for my pc as well and it works.
What remote IP?
Do i need to configure the IP on my rak?

Well since you made a tunnel for the PC, the remote IP in the .ovpn file should be correct:

Sorry, as it might sound stupid, but are you aware that the keys for the gateway are different than the keys for the PC(you have to generate new keys for the gateway)? I’m asking this, just because I was doing some tests 2 days ago and I was able to successfully connect a RAK7249 to AWS.

Yes I did do different keys for each device. We’re you using the latest firmware on the rak?
But what were your network settings on the rak gateway?
I may be failing there…idk

Hmm, that’s strange. Yes, I was using the r209 firmware when testing. Does the gateway have access to the Internet? What backhaul are you using? I’ll get back to you tomorrow when I get to the office, so I can go through the tutorial again and try to reproduce your issue.

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It is…
I´ve tried 2 different connections actually. The first time i was connected via UTP cable to my house network where i set a static IP.
The other time i used a SIM card and connected to my RAK via WIFI wiithout setting any ip, i was using the default IP.
Maybe it was the IP?
Many thanks! i can give whatever information you need!

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