RAK7249 unknown ip showing in the system log

Issue: An unknown ip shows in the system log

Setup: default configuration for RAK 7249

LoRa® Server:

I have been looking into the system log, then I found the following log:
daemon.info gwBridge[1629]: Stats : {“gatewayID”:“rB8J//4BSXg=”,“ip”:“”,“time”:“2021-03-04T10:15:58Z”,“location”:{“latitude”:11.577640,“longitude”:104.875450,“altitude”:206,“source”:“GPS”,“accuracy”:0},“configVersion”:“unknown”,“rxPacketsReceived”:0,“rxPacketsReceivedOK”:0,“txPacketsReceived”:0,“txPacketsEmitted”:0,“metaData”:{},“statsID”:“FO2hWyItSji0jpXO1+M2VA==”}

I am wondering what is the ip address since sometimes it shows connection refused.

Hi Barmy,
This is your gateway’s default eth0.2 IP address, so don’t worry about it. To make sure you can log to your gateway via ssh and use ifconfig and you should see this address.