Rak7249 use external mqtt server

Hello guys!
I have a rak7249 and a rak811.My rak7249’s configuration information is as follows:
lora gateway:
LoRa Packet Forwarder is build-in lora server;
LoRa Gateway MQTT Bridge is closed.
lora network server:
Gloab Integration is configed with my extern mqtt server.
My problem is as follows:
My lora node can send data to lora gateway,lora gateway can send data to my extern mqtt server.
However,my extern mqtt server can’t send data to lora node,and i am not sure whether mqtt server
can send data to lora gateway。How should i do?Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @lightingfuture Please give some screens and outputs. What network and application server you use? And which broker is used?

rak7249’s configuration information is as follows:

I use RAK811 to send data:

my mqtt client receives data:

my mqtt client sends data:

my rak811 dose’nt receive data,why?
i use wifi to config rak7249,rak7249 connects to the router through the network cable,my mqtt server is rabbitmq.

Am… basically you can not send downlink like that. You have to make a json structure like this:
"confirmed": true,
"fPort": 10,
"data": "AQID"
Depend of the broker, just send it like this or in file.

You will see downlink in RAK Build-in Server
And depending in whicl LoRaWAN class you working will received it immediately or in next uplink from node.

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Thank you for your answer. The problem has been solved. I have a few more questions to ask:

  1. When the data sent by rak811 is forwarded through rak7249 and reaches our own mqtt server, there are many more fields, among which the data field is the data sent by rak811. Can we customize fields or redevelop rak7249? What should we do if it can be redeveloped?

  2. When the rak811 serial port enters the passthrough mode, sending + + + cannot exit the passthrough mode, but directly sends it to our own mqtt server.

My rak811 sends + + + in passthrough mode, and my mqtt client receives the following data: