RAK7249 vs RAK7258

Any difference with the lora performance of the two gateways?

Hi @cwrx777,
RAK7249 support up to 2 concentrators, which means you have the opportunity to work with 16 channels, with RAK7258 you will have 1 concentrator and up to 8 channels. Also if you get RAK7249 with 1 concentrator (if you need only up to 8 channels) you will get better performance, because of the more optimized work of the LoRa concentrator (RAK2247) used in RAK7249. It also depends on where you want to put your gateway(please note that RAK7249 is an outdoor gateway and RAK 7258 is an indoor gateway.).

do both gateway use RAK2247?

No, RAK7249 use RAK2247(datasheet).
RAK7258 use RAK833(datasheet ).

I just got a RAK7258 and it uses RAK2247.

Yea, sorry my bad it is actually using RAK2247, I was looking at an older model.

Ok. so since both are using the same Lora concentrator module, is the lora performance going to be the same?
is RAK2287 compatible with the two gateways?

Yes, but you can use 2 concentrators on RAK7249.
Also RAK7258 has no GPS.

is RAK2287 compatible with the two gateways?

No they both are not compatible with RAK2287.