RAK7249 whitelist

Possible to whitelist specific deveui only? Sorry. I don’t understand on the OUI and network ID.
My requirement is to allow only selected node sensor to my network server.

I don’t understand what you mean. Can you describe the sensor data in more detail?

I have 2 gateway.
Both placed side by side as some limitation one the application layer.

I have 1 outdoor gateway, RAK7249.

  • packet forwarded to IoT-in-Box
  • Netvox 718AB is temperature and humidity.

And 1 indoor gateway, RAK7258.

  • packet forwarded to Chirpstack
  • Netvox R602A is siren connect your this gateway.

Some times, Netvox R602A will connect to RAK7249. I want to fix it to RAK7258.
One of the option I think is to do whitelist option.

But I not sure what is OUI and Network ID.

Gateway between the networking documentation, Can it help you?access you can refer to:

Erm. Nope. Sorry. Let me make it simple. Do you have example of OUI and network ID?

The 7249 has node whitelisting - which means you would have to put all the nodes you want to talk to it in to the configuration - this would effectively block the R602A.

Or if you use the LoRaServer in the 7249 and don’t register the R602A, that may be a solution. Or turn off Class C joins?

Hi nmcc. I’m not using build-in loraserver. By the way, yes. My intention to try 7249 node whitelisting. I not sure is my setting correct or not. I can’t find any detail documentation. Once I do the whitelisting, at log, I saw FILTERED.

Nodes do not join gateways.

Rather, nodes join networks.

Filtering nodes at the gateway level really isn’t how you are supposed to solve this.

Rather, only inform one of the network servers about this node, the other will simply ignore it even if packets are reported by its gateway.

Network servers receive raw packets from nodes that do not belong to their networks all the time, and it is really not an issue.

Filtering at gateway level has only narrow, obscure use cases, and yours is really not one of them.

Thanks. This is what I’m doing now also.