RAK7258 433MHz Unable to Connect ot any WAN service

Issue: 433MHz not supported by anything in the tutorial

Setup: RAK7258 firmware 1.2.0065_Release r209

LoRa® Server: N/A

I have a RAK7258 433MHz and none of the server methods given in the guides are working.
the Documentation Center says AWS supports EU433 but in reality EU433 is not there.
TTN does not support 433 either.
So what are the possible alternatives to send my data to a server?

Hard to say without knowing where you are in the world.

It would be prudent to check what frequencies are legal in your jurisdiction.

I am in Pakistan with 433MHz being legal.
That being said, I cannot find support on the cloud end to connect the 433MHz gateway as TTN or AWS do not support EU433 yet.
I am trying to configure chirpstack.
What other options are there?

What version do you mean by TTN?

TTN V3.11.1 (which is the current one) has a 433MHz frequency plan for the ITU region 1.
Screenshot from 2021-06-10 10-09-09

You need to make sure your country allows you to use these frequencies though.

Pakistan is in ITU region 3, so I doubt that you will be allowed to use the EU433 frequency plan.

Pakistan recognizes and allows usage in the 433MHz band under the ISM regulation.
433.05-434.79 MHz(centre frequency 433.92 MHz)
Although there is absence of a channel plan and for RnD purposes we can use the EU433 channel plan.

While EU433 is there in gateway registration, it does not appear in the gateway activation! :frowning:

What does that mean?